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Novatech X80GTX Pro Laptop

by Nathan Marks - 29th July 2009
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Mirrror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge was tested at 1920x1200 with 0xAA and maximum settings. PhysX was enabled.

One of the big selling points of recent Nvidia cards is their ability to use PhysX - and Mirrors Edge is one of the highest profile games to support this technology. In this title PhysX adds more advanced glass, smoke and fabric effects, all of which create a more impressive and realistic gaming environment.

The game is quite uncomfortable to play with any anti-aliasing on (with PhysX enabled) but 1920x1200 at 0xAA is more than acceptable for this machine. At this level it performs just at an ideal level with the minimum FPS dropping no lower than 25. It is certainly nice to see the laptop being able to handle games at its native resolution rather than having to turn it down.
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