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Novatech X1 Pro

by Nathan Marks - 30th July 2009
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Purchasing a laptop is never easy; there are so many options out there and at times it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is made even harder when purchasing a powerful desktop replacement because when you are spending a couple of grand you want to ensure you are getting the maximum performance for the money.

These are decisions that we are here to help you make and today we are going to be looking at the Novatech X1 Pro, a desktop replacement packed with the most powerful laptop components on the market such as a quad core processor and GTX280M graphics cards in SLI.

We’ve looked at a number of desktop replacements over the last few months with the most recent being the Asus W90Vp and despite having a powerful crossfire solution, it still left something to be desired in several departments. What can the X1 offer to you?

Model Novatech X1 Pro
CPU Intel Extreme QX9300 2.53GHz 12MB Cache 1066FSB Core 2 Quad Mobile Processor
Memory 4GB DDR3 1066MHz 2 x 2GB SO DIMM
Chipset Nvidia MCP79
Display 17” 1920x1080
Video Card 2x Nvidia GTX280 1GB DDR3 Graphics In SLi Mode
HDD 3x OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD (Raid 0)
Optical Drive Blu-Ray DVD Writer Combo
Battery Pack 4650mAh
Dimensions and Weight 44h x 439w x 299d mm 4.9Kg with battery
Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

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