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Intel X25-M 160gb SSD Drive (34nm)

by Zardon - 14th August 2009
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2009 has been "The year of the Solid State Drive" as far as we are concerned and they are really beginning to pick up momentum as prices drop and sizes slowly get larger. Intel's X25 SSD has been a long term favourite of ours, earning our highest GOLD award in previous reviews as well as being able to stand its own ground against the latest high specification drives from leading makers OCZ, Crucial and Corsair.

The drive we are looking at today is the long awaited Intel replacement which is built on the 34 nanometer manufacturing process - this has the long term benefit of helping to reduce the costs to manufacture therefore meaning less cost to the consumer - well thats the theory anyway. Randy Wilhelm, Intel's Vice president and senior manager was keen to announce publically that their goal was to be not only the first to acheive 34nm NAND flash memory lithography but to do so with the same, or faster performance than the previous versions.

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