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QNAP 639 Pro NAS

by Zardon - 19th August 2009
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We have reviewed many QNAP products in the past and today we are looking at a new 6 bay dual gigabit NAS system. While this is specifically targeting the business sector, this is sure to be an appealing product to the high end enthusiast audience reading DriverHeaven - hence the review today.

It is quite incredible how many models QNAP release and how often they are updated but this is due to the relatively cheap prices of large mechanical hard drives and end user demand for ever growing storage space. QNAP were established in Taiwan in 2004 and are well known for their build quality and sophisicated software packages. The QNAP TS-639 Pro is based on the same platform as the TS 509 Pro which we reviewed a while ago and as such now supports iSCSI integration as standard.

Recently QNAP released a universal Version 3 of their firmware which has totally changed the interface medium and offers much more functionality than before. Today we will not only address the unit's performance and build quality but we will have a look at the options available within the software side of the platform.

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