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AMD 4890 Roundup - XFX/Powercolor/Asus

by Zardon - 21st August 2009
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It has been a good year for AMD so far with the release of the fantastic Phenom 2 955 and 965 Black Editions as well as a very capable range of video cards targeted at cost conscious gamers who don't want to compromise on performance. Enthusiasts are no longer in a position of having to spend several thousand pounds to end up with a killer gaming rig.

With the 4890 retailing for around the £130-140 mark in the UK it makes for such a tempting option, even for those people who previously would never spend more than £100 on a video card. No longer are the realms of 2560x1600 gaming exclusively in the £200+ bracket.

To make this situation even better, several manufacturers have just released 4890 series cards with enhanced coolers as well as faster clocks while keeping the prices as low as possible.

Today not only are we testing three of the hottest new overclocked 4890 ATI graphics cards but we are building a high performance system with the focus on value for money. We base the system around the powerful, yet extremely affordable Phenom II 965 Black Edition and the very capable Asus Crosshair III Formula motherboard.

Is today possibly the best buying climate we have seen in a very long time to get yourself an extremely powerful graphics processor for your new high resolution monitor? We think so!

Read on to find out which of the cards on offer from Asus, Powercolor and XFX which will best suit your needs.

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