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Alienware M17x Laptop

by Stuart Davidson - 24th August 2009
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External Appearance - Opened

The clean feel of the M17x continues as we open up the machine, there are no clips or switches to release the lid it just lifts up into an open position.

The keyboard used by Alienware features a Star Trek style font which was also present on older models and underneath the WASD keys the board is reinforced to provide stability for gamers who make heavy use of those buttons. The track pad sits slightly off to the left of the body, directly below the spacebar and it features a textured design, almost like honeycomb. Power on/off for this machine is performed through a small alien head button which can be found between the keyboard and screen.

Speaking of the screen, the model featured on the M17x is absolutely lovely. There is no plastic bezel around the edge; instead we have a coloured trim which sits underneath a single layer of ultra clear plastic. When first opening the machine this aspect of the product really does have significant wow factor which continues when it is turned on and running at 1920x1200. When we loaded our first game, Crysis Warhead, the display continued to impress and made the game look as bright and crisp as we have seen it. Finally, just above the centre of the screen is a 2.0 megapixel camera and digital array microphone.
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