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Thermaltake ISGC-V320 VGA Cooler

by Grace - 1st October 2009
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Thermaltake ISGC-V320 VGA Cooler

The ISGC-V320 is a huge and very long cooler with two 120mm cooling fans mounted on it. The monstrous size of this cooler will cover more than just the underside of your graphics card. There are five heatpipes dispersing the heat drawn from the coolers copper base across the long aluminum fins. Both 120mm fans are standard sized 120x120x25mm computer fans with hydro dynamic bearings and a rotational speed manually adjustable between 800RPM and 1300RPM. Hydro dynamic bearings operate just as quietly as sleeve bearings but have a far greater theoretical lifespan which equals or surpasses that of ball bearings. The unique shape of the fan blades is supposed to increase the air flow by up to 15% and at the same time reducing the operating noise by up to 3%.

The bottom part of the base of the ISGC-V320 cooler which will be making contact with the GFX card’s core is made out of solid copper. There are five 6mm OD copper heatpipes transferring the heat from the cooler’s base to the aluminum fins, positioned evenly 40mm apart from each other. Each of the 33 aluminum fins is about 23cm long and 2cm wide. The base of the cooler is machined down to a perfect polished finish and is incredibly smooth.

Both of the large 120mm fans are mounted on the coolers aluminum body with rubber studs. The rubber studs will absorb the minor vibrations caused by the fans and reduce the noise generated by the cooler even further. Each of the fans has its own Molex power connector and a small speed control rheostat. By turning the rheostat we can adjust the rotational speed of each fan individually between 800RPM and 1300RPM, but sadly the case has to be opened to do this.
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