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AMD Roundup October 09

by Stuart Davidson - 8th October 2009
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GPU assisted upscaling of DVDs

It is fair to say that many of the people reading this article will have a substantial collection of DVDs and that many will not have been replaced by a Blu-Ray version at this time. It is however more than likely the case that these movies will be watched on a screen (monitor or HDTV) which is capable of much higher resolution than DVDs provide. In this scenario it is important to have quality upscaling software and recently Cyberlink released PowerDVD 9 which includes just that. Even better though is the fact that it supports GPU acceleration for ATI hardware.

Gaming is not a strong point for the 785G when compared to a discrete graphics card but video playback is a task which the chip excels at. We have already seen that playback of Blu-Ray content is flawless and as the results above show DVD upscaling is also performed with ease.

For more information on PowerDVD 9 please visit: Cyberlink

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