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Razer Naga MMO Mouse

by Henry Butt - 19th October 2009
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Packaging and Bundle

The Naga comes packaged within possibly the largest box I have ever seen for a mouse, even considering it is bundled with a mouse mat and carrying case. This box is designed to appeal to the gamer in you – it has the appearance of a chest that you might find a fantasy game. Within the expanse of protective foam inside this box we find a smaller box for the Naga itself, the Megasoma Gaming surface and a protective case.

The smaller box displays various photo’s of the Naga alongside various facts and figures about its performance. Opening up the front of this box reveals the mouse itself inside an expanse of close fitting clear plastic.

Inside the smaller box we find nothing but mouse itself, a quick start guide and various other information cards about the product. These include a card directing you to the Razer website to download the mouse drivers and a button training card with stickers to help you navigate around the macro buttons, without looking, until you get to know the layout.

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