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Gigabyte GTX 275 SOC & Nvidia 3D Vision

by Stuart Davidson - 26th October 2009
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It seems it will be at least a few months until the next generation of Nvidia cards reach retail shelves and so Nvidia’s partners have two choices. One is to keep producing the standard GTX products with reference specifications and price them at as an attractive a level as possible, the other is to push the existing architecture as far as it can go in the hope that their card will become the most attractive purchase in a crowded marketplace.

Today we have Gigabyte’s attempt at the latter approach on our test bench. Their GTX 275 Super Overclock takes the GTX 275 just about as far as it is possible to go in more than one way. To make things even more interesting we have paired this impressive card with Nvidia’s 3D Vision kit, today we see if the latest development in display technology is ready for the mainstream market.

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