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Gigabyte GTX 275 SOC & Nvidia 3D Vision

by Stuart Davidson - 26th October 2009
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Temperatures and Overclocking

As the GTX 275 Super Overclock uses very high core and memory speeds we expected some high temperatures and fast fan speeds during our testing. This proved not to be the case as the high quality components and 2oz copper PCB allowed the card to run at 45 degrees Celsius when idle and 87c at load. The load temperature was achieved with 50% fan speed (1700rpm approx. ) which is the speed Gigabyte feel offers the best performance to noise ratio. Obviously tweaking this manually with a tool such as Rivatuner could offer lower temperatures with more noise.

Due to the factory enhanced speeds of the GTX 275 being so high there was little room for additional overclocking on our review sample and our final overclock was 735/1295MHz, an increase of 20MHz on the core and 35MHz on the memory.

Gigabyte GTX 275 SOC

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