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Cryo Nano - Ultimate SFF PC

by Zardon - 29th October 2009
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GPU Computing - Video Enhancement

In the ever expanding list of software which can be enhanced by GeForce GPUs/CUDA one of the more impressive examples is vReveal from MotionDSP. This application allows us to take videos which are of less than average quality and significantly enhance them. A few simple button clicks can fix brightness, sharpness and even shaky camera work but it is an intensive process and GPU acceleration is very beneficial.

Shown above are the performance results for a small video which required various enhancements through vReveal, essentially everything but camera shake fix. Even though we have the use of a Core-i7 the processor usage is still in the high 70’s and the preview framerate never rises above 9FPS. Enabling CUDA on the GeForce cards doubles the framerate and drops CPU usage significantly.

Shown below is a comparison screenshot from another video. The left part of the image is pre-enhancement and the right part is post enhancement. One of the great aspects of vReveal is that you can move the split in real time and that is demonstrated by the video at the base of this page.

For more information on Badaboom visit:: Vreveal.

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