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Logitech G35 - Surround Sound Headset

by Henry Butt - 16th November 2009
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Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headet - A Closer Look

When examining the G35 close up, Logitech's expertise in the computer peripheral market is immediately apparent.  In terms of build quality, I cannot fault the G35 on any level.  The earpieces are constructed from high-quality plastic which has been painted in rubberised matte-black paint.  This not only looks good but gives the plastic an expensive feel.

The headband consists of a flexible band of rubber with a metal core which provides the exact amount of pressure to keep the headset firmly in place without detracting greatly from comfort.  It is also adjustable in length to suit the side of your head so the earpieces fit comfortably over your ears.  The earpieces are each surrounded by a faux-leather pad which improve comfort and enhance the noise-isolating ability of the headset.

On the left earpiece there are a variety of buttons to control different functions of the headset.  At the bottom there is a roll-button to adjust volume between buttons to mute the microphone and engage the virtual surround sound.  At the top of the earpiece there are three further buttons which are user-programmable.  All of the buttons have a solid, responsive action and are adequately large and defined to use without looking.

Also attached to the left earpiece is the microphone.  This folds up when not in use so doesn't get in the way when you're not using it and is muted automatically, preventing any unwanted pickup.  It has a similar rubber coating to the head-band and can be deformed into position for optimum pick-up.

The USB cable is of the braided variety, which adds durability and echoes the all-round high level of quality.  I was expecting to see a gold-plated USB connector to fit in with the high attention to quality seen elsewhere but, thankfully, it doesn't seem to have had an effect on performance.

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