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Logitech G35 - Surround Sound Headset

by Henry Butt - 16th November 2009
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Final Words and Conclusion

All in all, the G35 is a well-built headset producing exceptional sound quality that definitely won't disappoint.  The USB connection and inbuilt sound card mean the G35 will perform well and have compatibility with any computer.

The small issue with the microphone was enough for me to knock a point off the performance score but isn't much worse than delays I've noticed with other headsets.  The rest of the headset exudes exceptional quality however so this is really only a very minor point.

The Logitech G35 is perfect for any casual or professional gamer and, even though it may be a little more expensive than other similar headsets, it's definitely worth the cost if you're serious about gaming.

Product Award

Available from eBuyer £78.86
Available from Amazon $104.98

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