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Alienware Aurora ALX Desktop

by Stuart Davidson - 10th December 2009
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Aurora ALX Bundle

In the past we have received Alienware desktops in huge boxes, some big enough to fit an adult in and the Aurora is no different. The main purpose of this packaging is to protect the system as comprehensively as possible and they really go all out to do this. Between the system and the outside world we have a cloth bag, plastic suspension/crumple brackets, a cardboard box, further plastic suspension blocks, a large cardboard box above the outer plastic layer and cardboard tray below then finally a large, thick outer cardboard box. It is unlikely that couriers will be attempting to play football with this package but it should provide protection in roughest transit imaginable.

Inside the box, along with the system, we find the bundled extras. Standard items include a thorough manual and software CD’s, DVI to VGA connector, stickers, a hat and a mousemat.

As part of the configuration process we can choose the TactX keyboard and mouse, we reviewed them in detail here.
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