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SteelSeries Merc Stealth Keyboard

by Henry Butt - 19th January 2010
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SteelSeries Merc Stealth - Packaging & Bundle

The Merc Stealth is supplied in a large cardboard box that provides ample protection for the keyboard inside. The front of the box outlines the basic features of the product alongside a picture of the keyboard itself. The back of the box displays further images and the specification of the board. In terms of bundled items SteelSeries don’t include any accessories, just a user guide and a software CD.

The software supplied is Z-Engine, which is very user friendly, allows us to configure the action for almost every key on the keyboard.

The main page displays a large diagram of the keyboard with every key clearly defined. Clicking on the different keys allows us to edit the key label, the text displayed on the key in the diagram and the key function.

We can also create different Mods with different key configurations. SteelSeries provide over 150 pre-defined mods with the Z-Engine, each set up for a different game. These pre-defined mods can also be fine-tuned if required . To make this process easier there is a list of all the different controls for the game in question, enabling us to easily set a game function to a specific key.
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