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Sapphire Radeon HD5450 512MB Review

by Stuart Davidson - 4th February 2010
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As the Sapphire 5450 has a small, passive heatsink we were very curious to see the temperatures registered by the card. Until now most budget cards had a default cooling solution which normally included a fan with annoying noise/volume level. ATI and Sapphire are changing this and the temperatures of 50°C idle and 69°C load (Furmark stress test) are great for a passively cooled card. To put these into perspective, the GeForce 210 we used as a comparison has a fan/heatsink cooler and was only 3°C lower than the silent 5450 at load.

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NOTE: At the time of publishing there were no tools available which would allow us to successfully overclock our review sample 5450.
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