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Sapphire Radeon HD5450 512MB Review

by Stuart Davidson - 4th February 2010
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Sapphire Radeon HD5450 512MB

Sapphire packages their 5450 in a box with plenty of product feature information on the front. Inside we find SimHD software, a driver CD and two brackets which allow installation in low profile systems.

The card itself, as the bundled brackets suggest, uses a low profile PCB and in Sapphire’s case this is blue. Attached to the front is a single slot passive cooler which loops round to the back of the PCB cooling all but one of the Samsung memory chips as well as the GPU. In terms of outputs this model features VGA, DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI. For those requiring HDMI Sapphire offer models with that output also and the DisplayPort connector on this card can be converted to DVI using Sapphire’s dongle which is available separately.

The 5450 (Cedar) GPU is a 40nm chip which contains 80 unified shaders and 8 ROPs.  The Sapphire model uses 512MB (1GB also available) of GDDR3 on a 64Bit memory bus. Support for PCI-Express 2 is present, as is the ability to accelerate Blu-Ray content. Like the rest of the 5000 series the 5450 is able to output Dolby True-HD / DTS Master Audio and it supports DirectX 11 along with Shader Model 5. This also means we have the ability to use DirectCompute 5.0 and performance enhancements such as acceleration of Windows 7 Drag and Drop transfers by using the GPU for transcoding tasks.

Specification wise Sapphire use a 650MHz core and set their memory to 800MHz. When running under load the card consumes 19.1W, idle power draw drops as low as 6.5W.

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