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Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review

by Henry Butt - 15th February 2010
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Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse - Packaging and Bundle

The design of the packaging is very similar to others that we have seen from Razer in the past.  The front of the box doubles as a door that can be opened to reveal the mouse inside and the back and sides are filled with features, specifications and product photographs.

The cardboard itself is a little flimsy but, thanks to the expanse of plastic inner packaging, the Imperator is very well protected.

Like the Abyssus mouse that we reviewed recently the Imperator has a basic bundle.  In fact, the only extra item we find in the box is a cardboard wallet containing a quick-start guide, various leaflets and some stickers.  Once again we are directed to the Razer website to download the mouse drivers rather than receiving them on a disc.  This may be a little inconvenient but it does ensure that the end user has the best available version.
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