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ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard

by Henry Butt - 17th February 2010
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Final Words and Conclusion

On the whole, the construction of the Arvo is quite robust. The metal plate integrated into the construction gives it a very solid feel and a reassuring weight.

The Arvo is part of ROCCAT’s 'Smart Desktop Management System' that is designed to optimise performance while conserving desk space. We have now reviewed every product that makes up this sytem; the Kova mouse, Sota mouse pad and Apuri hub. All of these products have been quite reasonable and provide a decent solution for all our gaming needs.

At a price of £45.99, the Arvo offers a reasonable set of features for the price. We feel that the Arvo is most appropriate for gamers who frequent LAN events as its compact size and durability make it very suitable for transportation.

Product Award
European Store Link
Available from OCUK £45.99
European Store Link
Available from Medusa $91.21

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