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SilverStone Fortress FT02 Chassis Review

by Stuart Davidson - 19th February 2010
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SilverStone FT02 Chassis - Internal

Shown above is the FT02 with the side panel removed. The chassis supports ATX motherboards with a maximum size of 12”x11” as well as micro-ATX variants. Worth noting are the large number of cut-outs which allow us to pass the case wiring behind the motherboard tray for a cleaner, less cluttered appearance and optimal airflow.

At the bottom of the chassis are three 180mm fans which run between 700 and 1000rpm generating 18-27dBA of noise. Each fan has its own 3pin connector which we prefer to the Molex alternative. Between the chassis and fans are three removable dust filters which slide out for cleaning.

Above the left 180mm fan is the hard drive location, there are five 3.5” bays on this model and each comes with a caddy that allows us to install drives with ease. One is also pre-wired with power and data cable for hot swap functionality. Above the hard drives are the five 5.25” bays, four of these have a tool-less design with simple push switches to lock the drives in place.

Along the top of the case are seven perforated add-in card slots which sit alongside a 12cm exhaust fan which runs at 1200rpm generating 19dBA of noise. This fan, like those in the bottom of the case, uses a 3 pin connector however there is no fan speed control on this model.

Finally, for the internal overview of the chassis we have the PSU location which has a vent/filter connecting directly to the outside of the case and the CPU backplate cutout which allows us to add/remove larger heatsinks with ease. It is also possible to see that the case is lined with noise reducing foam.
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