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Chill Innovation ChillDesk MiniXL Notebook Stand/Cooler

by Grace - 22nd February 2010
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ChillDesk MINI XL Notebook Cooling Desk - Packaging and Bundle

The packaging which Chill Innovation supplies the ChillDesk MiniXL in is very simple. It is nothing more than a clear plastic blister package but as this product only needs protection against scratches it does the job very well. There is little information about the product and its specifications on the packaging however this is a relatively simple product and it also is entirely visible through the packaging, so nothing more would really be necessary. Inside we find two metallic legs and two adhesive rubber pads. The rubber pads should be used in case the notebook touches the metal parts of the cooler while sitting on it.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this cooler is the bundled 80mm fan. The thin frame 5VDC fan has a maximum rotational speed of 1500RPM, which is very slow for a 80mm fan but it does the job and is very quiet. It is also enclosed in a plastic body which protects it and allows it to be installed anywhere on the cooling pad. We can remove it and install again by simply pulling off and pushing back into place as required.

Even though the fan is quite slow, Chill Innovation added a speed control rheostat on the cable. By using the rheostat we have complete control over the fan’s speed and can even stop it without having to unplug the USB cable. This is important because the USB cable which the fan takes power from is a pass-through wire and we can install a device on it.
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