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CAPE 7 ION PC Review

by Henry Butt - 12th March 2010
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CAPE 7 ION PC - Packaging, Bundle & Setup

Our sample of the Cape 7 system is a pre-production model so didn't ship in retail packaging. Therefore the marketing shot for the packaging is shown above.

The Cape 7 system is supplied with a stand which attaches to the unit using a single thumbscrew to hold it in place. This stand seems robust and has a large footprint which gives the unit a good level of stability. The bundle also includes a VESA mounting bracket enabling the consumer to attach the unit to the back of a screen to save space. The system is attached to this in a similar way to the stand using a single thumbscrew and a clip.

With space inside the Cape 7 system at a premium the decision was taken to include a wireless dongle rather than build in a PCI/PCIe card. It is a compact model, protruding a mere 3cm from the system, and takes up only one of the system's six USB ports. The wireless chipset is a Ralink RT3070 which supports both G and N bands. Also bundled with retail systems is a HDMI to DVI convertor and the product documentation.
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