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Heatsink Roundup April 2010

by Grace - 15th April 2010
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Spire Thermax II - The Cooler

Spire provides a rather simple 120x120x25mm cooling fan with the Thermax II cooler. This fan has a black frame, blue semi transparent blades and runs at speeds up to 2200RPM with 19-29dBA of noise and 93.3CFM of airflow. It features a normal sleeve bearing and Spire added rubber rings at the four corners of the fan’s frame to prevent vibrations from moving to the cooler’s body. Additionally they used silver cables to improve the overall appearance of their product.

The Spire Thermax II is a large but relatively simple tower cooler which measures 125x77x155mm. There are four 8mm copper heatpipes which come into direct contact with the CPU, transferring the heat from the bottom of the cooler to the 57 aluminium fins. The fins of the cooler are cut in an X-shape pattern. Users should be careful when handling the cooler because the thin fins, which improve airflow, are easy to bend. Since the heatpipes come in direct contact with the CPU the aluminum part of the base serves only as a support, ensuring the mechanical cohesion of the cooler.

The installation of the Spire Thermax II is very simple and straightforward. This cooler makes use of AMD’s retention bracket design which means that AMD users can simply clip the cooler on the stock bracket. Intel CPU owners will be forced to remove their motherboards if they are installed inside a case without cutout because the Thermax II requires retention brackets which emulate AMD’s clip design. After securing the body of the cooler to the CPU we need to attach the cooling fan using the included brackets.
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