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Dell Adamo XPS Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 5th May 2010
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Dell Adamo XPS Laptop - Dell Software/BIOS

The default operating system for this machine is Windows 7 Home Premium and we are happy to report that Dell installs the 64-bit variant as standard. We get a performance rating score of 3.2 with the default configuration and shown above is the software installed by Dell at their factory. Some of the software is useful, such as Flash and Adobe Reader but there are some useless items such as Live! Cam Avatar Creator. McAfee is also installed but our first recommendation would be to remove this intrusive resource hog and replace it with something like Avast! or Microsofts own antivirus.

Dell also installs their own tweaks on the OS such as a dock which is no doubt designed to appeal to Mac OS fans. Also worth noting is that functions such as showing that CAPS Lock is enabled are handled onscreen in software. There is no keyboard LED.


Dell use a Phoenix BIOS on the Adamo XPS. Given the target market and need to keep a tight control on thermal performance there is very little scope for changing settings. The first screen gives us an overview of the components within the system and after that its the basics such as boot order and enabling/disabling devices.

Full BIOS Screens Download HERE
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