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NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 Roundup - May 2010

by Grace - 13th May 2010
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NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 Roundup - Introduction

NVIDIA's long awaited high end products have finally been released, satisfying the ever-craving performance enthusiasts. However the release of the high end cards does not mean that NVIDIA lost interest in the mainstream market where the majority of gamers and users wants to combine performance with value. Today we are going to test the performance of three NVIDIA GT 240 GFX cards, which even though they are all based on the same GT 215 core, are very different from each other. The GT 240 was designed to compete in the sub $100 market and thus it is supposed to provide adequate performance for 3D gaming, although naturally nobody expects extraordinary 3D performance out of such products. We will thoroughly examine the performance and features of the three cards in real world scenarios and see how well they fare in some of the most popular 3D games.

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