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Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Case Review

by Henry Butt - 17th May 2010
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Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Case - Installation

Thermaltake hasnt replaced the side-panel screws with thumbscrews, two standard screws are used instead and after they are removed the side of the case slides off easily.

To install the optical drive, we first have to remove the front bezel - a simple matter of unclipping it from the back. Then the drive can be placed into the front of the case and secured using the tool-less bracket. Installing more than one drive is a little trickier as we have to snap off some metal strips first in a similar fashion to the expansion slots. Then the second optical drive must be screwed to the bay as there is only one tool-less bracket included.

Installation of the hard drives is a very similar process; there is only a bracket for the first drive and any more have to be screwed in. We would recommend installing the hard drives first as the bays could be obstructed by long graphics cards.

The PSU requires a screwdriver to install using four screws secure it to the rear of the case. While there is little dedicated provision for cable management, there is a reasonable amount of space behind the motherboard tray for cable routing.

Rather than have copper motherboard standoffs like most cases, the V3 has raised strips of metal with screw threads to hold the motherboard away from the tray. This saves time and helps make installing the motherboard a quick and easy process. There is a large hole cut into the motherboard tray to facilitate the installation of CPU coolers which require dedicated brackets. We found this adequately-sized and well positioned. There is enough from for CPU coolers of up to 160mm in height.

Note: We found that the design of the rear exhaust vent and roof vents prevents the installation of a 12cm radiator. This means the V3 isnt compatible with the Corsair H50, CoolIT ECO or CoolIT Domino CPU coolers.

Installing the graphics card was a reasonably simple process. There was plenty of room for our Zotac GTX 275 test card; the case can support graphics cards of up to 263mm in length.
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