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Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard and Twister Fans

by Grace - 26th May 2010
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Enermax Roundup - Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard and Twister Fans

Enermax is a company which is best known for their high quality power supply products. Most of their power supplies have won awards on HardwareHeaven and are considered to be some of the better products in their respective categories. However power supplies are far from Enermaxs only area of expertise and they have slowly been expanding their product catalogue over the past few years to include items such as cases, keyboards and drive enclosures.

We previously reviewed a few of their non-power related products such as the Aurora keyboard and the Jazz enclosures and today we have another on our test bench, the Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard. If it meets the standard of their previous models then it should be very impressive.

In addition to the Aurora Enermax also sent us a set of their Twister fans, we shall look at them also.
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