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Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

by Stuart Davidson - 14th June 2010
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Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste

Arctic will no doubt package their MX-4 syringe in a protective packet which also contains instructions on how to apply the paste. However our review sample, being an early one, arrived in just the syringe.

Arctic will sell MX-3 in 4g syringes and state that their paste has high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. Additionally it is not electrically conducive, non corrosive, non bleeding and non curing.

NOTE: At a later date, when Arctic are able to supply them we will include further specifications on the paste, for now all we can say is this paste has the standard 8-Year warranty. Now on to the consistency of the paste...


Thermal compounds come in various consistencies and in our experience those which are easier to spread (Thinner) tend to be easier to use. Everyone has a different opinion on this though so we have put together a short video to show how MX-3, GC-Extreme and MX-4 react when manipulated by an applicator. It should allow you to decide which best suits your preference.

MX-3 is on the left, GC-Extreme is in the middle and MX-4 on the right.

NOTE: Gelid suggest spreading their paste with the applicator. For the MX compound Arctic suggest that a portion of the paste is placed on the centre of the CPU and then the pressure of the cooler spreads the paste when installed.
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