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Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

by Stuart Davidson - 14th June 2010
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Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste Review


Arctic MX-4
When comparing the new formula MX-4 to its predecessor, MX-3, we found two significant improvements. The first is that MX-4 spreads much better, very important for those who like to coat the CPU heatspreader before installing a cooler. Additionally it dropped the temperature of our CPU by up to two degrees celcius, something which is always appreciated by enthusiasts and mainstream users alike.

Looking to the comparison with the leading competitor, Gelid GC-Extreme, we saw Arctic in a less than ideal position with MX-3. They had a paste which performed well but the GC-Extreme was much easier to apply, thanks to being thinner. With MX-4 Arctic now have a paste which spreads in a way which levels the playing field whilst enhancing the thermal performance past that offered by Gelid.

A good thermal paste is something everyone should have in their system. Well-made pastes last years, retain their performance and can help in maintaining a cool running, quieter system. MX-4 meets all these requirements and with its industry leading performance should be at the top of everyones shopping list when it comes to a system build.

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RRP - €3.90

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