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Hard-Drive Roundup June 2010

by Stuart Davidson - 20th June 2010
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Hard-Drive Roundup

Load Times

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

In our final real world tests for this review we look at the load times achieved by the drives in two common scenarios, the first is the time taken to boot to a responsive Windows 7 desktop. For this the time recorded is from the “Windows Starting” screen appearing to the stage when out pointer becomes active on the desktop. The second test is the time taken from launching Crysis to completion of loading a save game.

When looking at the Windows boot times it is hard not to be impressed by each of the drives being tested today, even the “slowest” gives us a system which is ready to use in 18 seconds with Crucial leading the way on an impressive 11s, followed closely by the F100 and Vertex 2 on 13 seconds.

In the second test, Crysis Warhead load times, the drives follow a similar performance trend to the Windows 7 load test and it is once again clear that SSDs provide a more desirable experience than a mechanical drive.
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