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NVIDIA 3D Vision and Blu-Ray 3D with PowerDVD 10

by Stuart Davidson - 6th July 2010
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NVIDIA 3D Vision and Blu-Ray 3D in PowerDVD 10

3D Vision and Blu-Ray 3D - Conclusion

With compatible hardware in place the installation and setup of PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D with the Mark 2 update is a breeze. The software identifies that the system/media is compatible with 3D and through a couple of quick configuration pop-ups the Blu-Ray 3D plays back just as easily as a standard disc. In terms of performance we saw the expected increase in CPU use during 3D playback as the system processed the extra video workload however as 3D Vision requires the use of a GeForce graphics card the software passed off part of the decoding work to the GPU, keeping the performance hit to a minimum.

Visual quality is vitally important in this task and to a certain extent the quality of playback will be reliant on the screen used by the consumer. From our experience with Blu-Ray 3D PowerDVD was able to provide flawless image quality, no different to standard 2D content. Viewing on our Samsung screen we were impressed by the image produced and throughout the movie we were also impressed by the 3D effects on show.

3D Vision and PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D Mark 2 are an excellent and cost effective way to get Blu-Ray 3D working in the home, especially for those who already have much of the hardware installed in their system.

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