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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Card Launch Review

by Stuart Davidson - 12th July 2010
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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Launch Review

GTX 460 SLI vs. GTX 480

In the GeForce 400 series the GTX 480 costs around twice as much as the GTX 460. This means that there could be a cost effective way to achieve GTX 480 performance using the lower specification model. If the GTX 460 performs well in SLI it may make sense to buy one now and then when budgets permit, add a 2nd which is much easier for more people to afford than a single $450/£400.

Lets see if this is an option...

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

As the results above show the combination of two GTX 460s in SLI offers excellent performance when we look at a comparison with a single GTX 480. In both Aliens vs. Predator and Metro 2033, two demanding DX11 titles, the SLI system offers higher average, minimum and maximum framerates than the single high end card.
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