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CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010

by Henry Butt - 14th July 2010
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CPU Cooler Roundup - Akasa, Xigmatek and Noctua

Noctua C12P SE14 - Box, Bundle and Packaging

The Noctua C12P SE14 is supplied in a large cube-shaped box which carries a white, blue and black livery. Rather than cover the box in product photos, Noctua have used line drawings instead. This gives the user more of an insight into the design of the product within. The cooler itself can be seen through the plastic windows on the front and side.

Inside the box we find a substantial looking back-plate accompanied by a variety of other fittings for mounting the cooler on both Intel 1366/1156/775 and AMD AM3/2 motherboards. Noctua also include a syringe of their NT-H1 thermal compound alongside two adapters to reduce the noise of the cooler by lowering the fan speed. The included fan is Noctuas NF-P14 140mm model.
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