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CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010

by Henry Butt - 14th July 2010
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CPU Cooler Roundup - Akasa, Xigmatek and Noctua

Xigmatek Balder - Box, Bundle and Packaging

The Xigmatek Balder is supplied in clear plastic packaging which lets the user see the cooler from all angles before opening the box, negating any need for product images. As a result of the plastic design the box feels a little inferior in quality when compared to the cardboard versions of the Akasa and Noctua Coolers.

Once again we find a whole host of mounting accessories inside the box; a back-plate, mounting plate and spring-screws for Intel 1366/1156/775 motherboards and a mounting clip for AMD AM2/3 systems. There are also eight rubber fan mounting pins included, four of which are required to attach the included 120mm fan. The other four can be used to attach another fan to the other side of the cooler.
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