The UGuru Package

UGuru is a relatively new feature here is a brief overview of the new features it provides.


Abit EQ provides monitoring of all your vital stats.


OC GURU (below)

OC Guru allows overclocking and voltage changes from within Windows, including the ability to save profiles. Before using it we suggest you use the BIOS settings to set everything but the above options. We also suggest you use the BIOS to find the ballpark area for your maximum overclock. OC Guru is useful however we found its best use was quick changes rather than using it for the whole overclocking process. If features like RAM timing changes can be added to Uguru in future then it will be a much more useful feature.



Flashmenu will be familiar to ABIT customers and allows flashing/Saving of the latest BIOS from within windows as well as downloading BIOS images.

The Audio control centre for the onboard 5.1 surround sound chip. This provides all the functions you will need for everyday use and is well laid out.



Detailed information on the CPU, Northbridge and if installed the system fan.



The final UGuru feature is the onboard display which shows the status of the board at various times.

The idea is that when something goes wrong (say when your overclocking) and the board hangs on post you can use the code to determine whats wrong and go about fixing it. In practice however there were many times when we exceeded what was possible with the board and the Uguru code that was displayed didn’t feature in the manual and so was completely useless for us.



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