Today we have something innovative for review, the Revo CPU cooler from Akasa. The Revo is using a new patented technology called “SilentFlux”, invented and patented in Denmark. Although Akasa markets the Revo as a low-noise cooler we were very curious to see how well it could perform, especially when we saw the high price tag. Akasa have been kind enough to let us have an engineering sample of the cooler for review today, so all of your questions will be answered in this review.

Manufacturer specifications and notes

Socket type AMD Socket 939 / AM2, INTEL LGA 775
Cooler dimension 132 x 90 x 138mm (W, D, H)
Cooler material Aluminium
Fan dimension 92 x 92 x 25mm
Fan speed 600 - 2200 R.P.M.
Fan connector 4-pin (PWM)
Fan airflow 11.44 - 41.96CFM
Fan air pressure 0.85 - 3.13 mm H20
Fan life expectancy 45000/hrs
Bearing type Ball bearing
Voltage rating 12V
Noise level 17 – 26 dB(A)
Weight 330g
Product code AK-925

  • Dual platform: AMD and INTEL
  • Utilizes new SilentFlux Technology
  • Revolutionary bubble pump with no moving parts
  • Unique radiator design with over 1200cm square of dissipation surface
  • Fan is mounted on four cushion dampers. Noise is virtually eliminated
  • Ultra quiet misty blue 92mm PWM fan silently cools the radiator
  • Specially designed fan bracket redirects part of the airflow onto motherboard zones cooling VRMs.

How Revo works ?

Revo uses SilentFlux® technology.

1. Heat is absorbed from the CPU into a chamber which stores a specially designed dual-component liquid-coolant
2. From the CPU chamber heat moves to the radiator along the up-pipe of a hermetically sealed circuit. The specially designed dual-component liquid-coolant works with a bubble pump to force the heat rapidly to the radiator
3. Heat is dispersed from the radiator by a 92mm fan rotating at low speed
4. The dual-component coolant is cooled by the airflow from the fan and returns along the down-pipe of the sealed circuit to the chamber for re-use

Note: As the product we received is an engineering sample, we cannot comment on the retail packaging or included bundle. However Akasa assured us that the final retail version of the Revo cooler will be identical to the one we received for testing and review.


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