When we had removed the Styrofoam and the cardboard covers we were greeted by yet another layer of protection, the sides and the front have a plastic film on them to help further in avoiding scratches to the case.

When we remove the plastic film covering the sides and front we are stunned with the quality of finish. Can you say mirror polish?

I can’t remember hearing of many case manufacturers using stainless steel before in their cases, In my opinion it looks great, the polish that they have achieved on this material is nothing but amazing!

Here’s a shot of the all black back of the P182 SE.

Back plate and 120mm exhaust fan.

Here’s a new thing which the earlier P180 models don’t have, Antec has chosen to put a two channel fan controller in the back of the case. It is wired to control the rear and top exhaust fans of the P182 SE, a nice touch!

Here you can see another of the changes from the original P180, Antec has added pre-drilled holes for those interested in adding an external water-cooling radiator.

And a shot of the Power Supply compartment…

Here you can see the front of the P182 SE with the door opened.

And the standard Fire wire, USB 2.0 and audio ports in the front.

The procedure to open the fan intakes up has not changed from the earlier revisions, simply press on the grills and they will pop open.

Taking out the washable dust filters is very easy just press down the latches and lift them out.





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