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In the words of Asetek - "Meeting the market's needs for higher computing speeds, the constantly growing demand for cooling of electronic devices and requirements for more silent performance .... Asetek develops unique cooling systems that effectively solve the problems of computer overheating and increasing noise levels."

Today we have had the pleasure to look at Aseteks newest offering, a system based around their new 12v pump with integrated reservoir.


The kit comes packaged in a nice looking box with the Asetek logo and some information about WaterChill.

The Components:

* WaterChill Antarctica CPU cooler CPU01/A supporting Intel P4 S478, AMD S754/S940/S939 (AMD 64).
* Black Ice Pro 120 mm Radiator with 10mm push on fittings.
* 120mm Low Noise Sunon Fan.
* NEW WaterChill Standard [12V] integrated Pump/Reservoir with 10mm push on fittings (PSU powered).
* USB cable.
* Integrated Print Circuit Board w. fan connectors.
* 2 x Temperature Sensors.
* 2 x Fan Connectors (Up to 6 fans, 2 x 24W).
* Software based Control Panel incl.:
* System and status info.
* Heat monitoring.
* Fan control.
* WaterChill Tube Set (3,0m).
* All fittings and mounting accessories are included.
* WaterChill Anti Alga Fluid - WaterWetter (10mm bottle).
* Heat Conduction Compound (2 ml tube).
* Installation Manual (English/Spanish/French/Deutsch).
* Retail Package.

Here you see the Antarctica CPU block with push on fittings, with the supplied extra lids, it supports just about every CPU socket on the market. Also shown, the t-line with push on fittings. And the bolts, washers and springs needed for mounting the block.

Below, the copper base of the CPU block; it has a highly polished surface.

The WaterChill KT03-12VS kit comes with a Black ice Pro radiator. And a low noise Sunon fan.

Here you can see the Sunon fan supplied with the kit, its bit different to regular 120mm fans which most commonly are 25mm thick. This Sunon is 38mm and that’s a good thing, because of the thicker shroud it will avoid the center “dead spot” that ordinary 25mm fans have.

What I didn’t like with this fan is that it doesn’t have the extra “rpm” cable, so there’s no way to monitor the rpm of the fan.

Here you can see the Sunon compared to a regular 120/25mm fan.

Asetek have supplied 3 meter of their flexible 10mm tubing, more than enough…

A syringe of water wetter to avoid corrosion and algae, plus to improve heat transfer.

Now let’s have a look at the component that makes this kit special; the new Asetek 12v pump with integrated reservoir. Here you see all the components that come with the pump.

USB cable and software for controlling the system from windows, some rubber feet for the pump and two temperature sensors that can be used where ever you wish.

The pump from the side, the right push on fitting is the “pressure” side of the pump. In the middle the reservoir lid, and finally to the left the “return” line.

Here’s a view of the back of the pump, it has a Qmax of 900l/h and a Hmax of 150cm (~4.9feet) pretty good for a 12v pump that only draws 7W.

In the upper part of the pump you see the connection for the front LCD display and the two temperature sensors. And there are also pins for an optional reservoir led. (Front LCD and reservoir LED was not included in this kit)

In the bottom part of the pump we have two fan connectors, USB connector and the 4 pin 12v molex that feeds the pump.


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