Motherboards, graphics cards and laptops... Asus are well known for making them all. In fact some of our favourite motherboards and graphics cards from past reviews have been manufactured by Asus. Back in the times of Socket 940 Athlon 64 processors the SK8V Deluxe was without doubt the best board for that platform and we look back on it fondly to this day.

As well as excelling with motherboards and graphics cards, Asus now branch out into many other areas taking their entire product catalogue to over twenty sectors. One of these areas is PC cooling, more specifically CPU coolers. Today we have one such product on our test bench, the Triton 75. This cooling solution is designed for AMD and Intel CPU’s and we will be testing it against Arctic Cooling’s excellent Freezer 7 Pro.

Packaging And Bundle

The Asus Triton 75 arrives in a large cardboard box which shows a picture of the cooler as well as listing various specifications. These cover compatibility (All Socket 775 and 939/940/AM2 CPUS) as well as some more generic marketing information. The cooler is held still inside the box by various cardboard pieces and a wire tie and ships with a number of attachments. There are the CPU mounting clips, manual, thermal paste, screws and fan holders. One notable exception is an Asus sticker, usually anything Asus related is bundled with one so it is a little odd not to find any here.



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