While a casual PC user doesn’t really need a mouse pad anymore, hardcore PC users and gamers generally prefer them. While mice do work without a pad, gamers long for higher precision and the added comfort a high quality mouse pad brings. Today we will take a look at two quality mouse pads from Boogie Bug, a French company who design and manufacture gaming and modding accessories. They are both made of  high quality textile material.


The BE Bug AimB.Pad is supplied in a well designed, attractive plastic package. Inside the packaging you will also find a simple but effective wristband. The wristband is nothing overly important, but it will certainly improve your comfort, especially after long gaming sessions.

The mouse pad itself is well fabricated and feels quite smooth and comfortable. Its 32x28cm surface should provide enough movement real estate. The bottom section of the mouse pad is made out of non-slip rubber which will keep it in place on your desktop. Performance wise, the AimB.Pad will leave no one disappointed when it comes to precision as high DPI mouse movements are very precise and smooth. On the other hand, the friction could be improved or gliding tape could be supplied, as the resistance is a bit high. It feels more difficult to move the mouse than on a wooden desk.

In regards to durability the AimB.Pad feels strong enough, the textile surface is impossible to break and you can fold it and take it with you whenever you want, that said it is highly susceptible to liquids and fire. So if you are usually holding your mouse and your cigarette at the same time or are prone to spilling coffee, it will permanently damage the material.

AimB.Pad XXL

The AimB.Pad XXL is, as the name suggests, an extra large version of the original AimB.Pad. It is supplied in an attractive plastic package, which is half a meter long. A BE Bug wristband is also provided, which is more than welcome, as it really feels more comfortable if you are using your mouse for prolonged periods of time.

The materials and design are the same as the standard AimB.Pad, just larger. At 45x90cm it is actually too large to fit on most desktops, leaving little room for a keyboard. Because of this the AimB.Pad XXL is designed for professionals, such as architects and graphic designers who require a huge area of mouse space. Exactly like the smaller version, the top surface of the mouse pad is very smooth and accurate. The bottom is made out of non-slip rubber as well, although a mouse pad of such a size would be highly unlikely to easily slip.

Everything we said for the smaller version of the AimB.Pad stands true here as well, however the risk of damage is even greater since this pad covers your entire desktop. You should keep drinks away from your desktop and if you are a regular smoker your ashtray as well.

Final words and conclusion

The AimB.Pad mouse pads from Boogie Bag are very good and offer great value for money. They are well made and offer good precision, their only downside is the high friction, which can be greatly improved if you are using Teflon gliding tapes. Teflon slips on textile surfaces like ice!

The AimB.Pad is a very good mouse pad, while the XXL version is designed with professional users in mind. It is probably the largest mouse pad on the planet and doesn't cost much more than the standard version. The supplied wristbands are a small but welcome addition which will increase your comfort. If you are looking for a good but cost-effective solution, the AimB.Pad mouse pads are a good choice and should be in your shortlist.

What do these awards mean?

The AimB.Pad mouse pads receive our DriverHeaven Shortlist Award.

The AimB.Pad mouse pad can be found at Le Monde De Neo.com for 9,9€.
The AimB.Pad XXL mouse pad can be found at Le Monde De Neo.com for 12,9€.



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