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We always look forward to receiving memory from Corsair because they are always almost certainly guaranteed to be cutting edge performance modules. Corsair also tend to be quite radical recently with design such as their Cool water-cooling kit or their Xpert DDR with LED displays. However today’s review product is focused purely for the performance user, that being their new DDR2-667 PC5400UL memory.

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The Sticks

Corsairs PC5400UL comes packaged in the standard plastic case which many manufacturers use. The memory sits between the plastic layers along with the cardboard information leaflet.

I personally am not keen on these casings and much prefer the brown box that Crucial send their memory in, it just appears to provide more protection than a thin plastic case.

The sticks themselves have a very solid feel to them; the heat spreader is made of aluminium and features the now familiar corsair part info sticker. The memory chips within the modules are manufactured by Micron.

For this part Corsair has set the SPD timings to 4-4-4-12 and this is confirmed by our CPU-Z screenshot.

What’s interesting about these sticks is that Corsair have validated them at 3-2-2-8 @2.1v and 665Mhz which is very fast for DDR2 and as this is an officially supported speed we shall test both stock DDR2-667 timings and enhanced settings in our tests.

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