There may be thousands of computer cases on store shelves for sale, but if you think about it only a few are innovative. From a cheap 30$ value case up to a 300$ aluminum tower, the basic concept is more or less the same. It is rare to see a case that differs from the rest not only in size, number of features and appearance, but down to the very basic design. GMC have however designed a chassis very different from the rest which allows the optical drive to be placed facing upwards. This design has many downsides but also has some advantages which can prove to be useful. GMC is the only company who produces such a case at the time being and registered patents worldwide for it as well, so it is unlikely to see another manufacturer copying the design. GMC baptized this case R-2 “Toast”. Let us have a closer look at it.

Manufacturer features and specifications

Dimension ( W x D x H )
Chassis 170 x 328 x 420mm
Carton Box 220 x 420 x 480mm
Multi Port
USB 2.0 x 2port, Audio + MIC
Form Factor
Drive Bay
5.25" x 1, 3.5" x 2(Int)
Expansion Slots
7 Slots
M/B Size
ATX, Micro ATX, Full ATX
Net : 3.5Kg
Gross : 4.2Kg
CAG 1.1
Rear : 80mm X 2pcs
Q'ty of 20'
Q'ty of 40'
Q'ty of 40' HQ

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