overclocking ocz3500 with p4 northwood


Article: Allan "Zardon" Campbell


Some of you may remember my OCZ4200 review a few months ago, this ram proved to live up to the usual high standards of OCZ and was only limited by my partnering hardware at the time. This time im putting some CAS2 rated 3500 DDR into an watercooled P4 northwood system and seeing just what gains/timings and figures can be achieved by overclocking this ram with some high voltages. My reason for choosing this particular ram was due to the fact id heard alot of good things about it in an overclocked environment.

Its also interesting to see just how much of a difference in performance ram timings can make. My goal is to push past 434 DDR and reach 460DDR at 2CAS with tight timings. After failing this with standard OCZ 3500 performance ram will this be possible?



This ram has very recently been "discontinued" but of course its still available via some dealers and resales if you hunt around. I had a hard time tracking down some of these modules in the United Kingdom for pricing as the more widely available performance series saturates the market, so your luck may vary depending on your location.

"OCZ DDR PC-3500 / 433mhz / Dual Channel / Enhanced Latency Series OCZ Enhanced Latency PC-3500 Dual Channel Platinum Limited Edition kits memory using state of the art ULN technology are capable of achieving outrageous speeds of up to 433 MHz at CL2*. In addition we have optimized the design to take advantage of the increased bandwidth of Dual Channel DDR platforms. Each module is hand tested and matched across a variety of motherboards to insure flawless performance on any motherboard. Add our platinum heat spreader to maximize cooling and extend your rams life while increasing performance. OCZ Enhanced Latency PC-3500 is the best performing DDR memory on the market. Period.

Special note: This is a new Rev of our 3500Platinum which does run slightly tighter timings at PC3200 speed than our regular 3500Platinum."

These modules are rated to handle to up 2.8 volts, which of course isnt a limit ill be setting within this article ;¬)


Gorgeous design - platinium OCZ ram

The design as always is hard to fault, there was a point in time when ram was probably one of the most boring components you could purchase, OCZ in my opinion have been at the forefront in changing this. The heatspreaders as you would guess arent lightweights, reassuringly heavy Cu with polished zinc plating. Total quality.


My system specifications, used for this mini article are:

P4 northwood 3.0ghz (idle 33c/Load 39c): Ambient 25c
Waterchill KT03-L30 Black Ice Pro DUAL Radiator; 2 X 120 mm Low Noise Papst Fans; 1200 l/hr Hydor Pump
ABIT IC7 MAX3 motherboard - Latest Bios
OCZ3500 DDR 2x256
Visiontek 9800 XT 465 core/410 ram
2x Raptor SATA raid 0
Windows XP Professional (all updates to this point)
Globalwin Sapphire ultra low noise PSU 19db 520w


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