The DDR2 memory market is a confusing area for many people right now. The fastest memory speed AMD and Intel officially support is DDR2-800, for some time the major manufacturers have been striving to release memory which far exceeds this speed. In the past we have reviewed modules from Geil and Corsair with DDR2-1066 ratings which should be more than enough to sate the appetite of power hungry users, however the products we are testing today are capable of even faster speeds.

First up is OCZ’s PC2-8800 Gold which despite their expensive design are a reasonably priced product for the high end user (£290). Our second review product comes from Corsair who are pushing things even further with new modules rated at PC2-8888 and a Cas setting of 4, however it would be safe to say, at £470 for a 2 gig kit they won’t be selling en masse.




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