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Last week we brought you a preview of the ASUS P5RD1-V Deluxe motherboard which looked specifically at the feature set of the board including the first onboard DirectX9 chipset for Intel. As the sample we received was a pre production board we refrained from publishing any information on performance as it may not have fully represented the abilities of the shipping product. Since then however we have received a retail sample of the P5RD1-V (non deluxe) which is basically the same board minus the onboard TV tuner and we’ve run it through its paces in a number of tests.

You can read our original preview here

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Before we begin looking at the performance of the P5RD1-V we need to comment on a few things… our original preview stated that we hoped there would be a bios update in the future which would enable 1066fsb processors such as the current EE P4’s. This looks unlikely currently and so at this time support stops at 800fsb CPU’s. We also noted the lack of DDR2 support, this is also a decision which wont be changed in the P5RD1-V family… because of this we are interested in seeing how the board performs when put up against Intel’s lower price chipset the 915 which does support DDR2 and these are our comparison results today.

Finally before we look at the comparisons, we have slightly amended our test suite for motherboard/cpu reviews. Our new suite will only feature game tests when the board being tested features onboard graphics. In previous reviews it has been the case that changing the motherboard only results in approx 1-2% performance difference which is well within the normal margin of error. Therefore we are now concentrating on more general use tasks (encoding, video playback, Zipping files etc) which are more dependant on the Motherboard and how well it manages the CPU and other components. We feel this will better illustrate how a new motherboard will benefit you.

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