Onboard GFX

As the onboard graphics capability is such a big selling point for the Radeon Xpress we have taken a look at the system performance when using the onboard graphics. The BIOS options were set to ATI’s recommendations and used shared system memory.

NOTE: Obviously the chipset is not meant for the power user in games however it was interesting to see what we could achieve in the latest engines.


The PCMark results are quite interesting, using onboard graphics has very little, if any, impact on the system results. There is a slight drop across the board however nothing worth worrying about as it really wouldn’t be noticeable in the real world. Very impressive results across the board.

Source Video Stress Test

The Source engine is used in Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source (as well as many upcoming games). For this reason its good to see if our Radeon Xpress graphics could get any sort of performance going. We didn’t think it would be possible however with a little tinkering on the settings we were able to get the game going at an average of 34fps, the minimum experienced was 25fps. The settings we used are shown in the screenshot below, and the graphics quality achieved is also below…quite impressive indeed. if you wish to download the screenshots in high resolution BMP format, please click here for a 3.5meg rar archive.


Need For Speed Underground 2

Need For Speed Underground 2 is released in 2 weeks time and is a very nice looking game, our results on this engine were slightly less impressive than the Source benchmark, the game came in at 640x480 as the useable resolution (avg 30fps dropping to 24fps in places). Its worth noting that there is no other integrated chipset that the game would even be playable on, never mind give decent IQ and speed like the Radeon Xpress does.

According to ATI in older generation (DX 8 + older games) it should be possible to play at 1024x768 with no concerns. We tested UT2004 to find out if this would be possible and sure enough at default detail we obtained an average of 45fps. Great stuff.


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