Saitek was founded in 1979 and entered the gaming market in 1993.  The company states that its products “are designed by gamers for gamers” and, therefore, designed to help gamers “get the most out of their favourite PC games.”
Some gamers may know Saitek as the maker of some superb Chess Computers.  In fact, Garry Kasparov, a World Champion chess player, has been associated with Saitek for over 21 years.

With a rich history spanning 28 years, Saitek provides quality products manufactured in its own factory to assure the highest quality of merchandise designed to perform for many years to come.

Today, we have a brand new product from Saitek called, OBSIDIAN.  This is a wireless rechargeable mouse and comes attractively packaged and well protected within a hard plastic cover within the box.

When I first saw the name, OBSIDIAN, a couple things came to my mind. 

First: Being a long-time Star Trek fan, I, of course, thought of the “Obsidian Order” of the Cardassian empire. For those not familiar with it, the Obsidian Order was the elite intelligence agency of the Cardassians.  Much of its activity involved torture and terror.  So, in short, the Obsidians were a very tough group and trained to protect the state at all costs.

Second: The next thing that came to mind is the obsidian rock.  This may have been the first thing to enter the minds of those reading this review.  The obsidian rocks have been formed from molten lava that has poured into cool waterbeds or rivers.  This causes the lava to harden quickly and results in a very glassy and reflective appearance.  In fact, obsidian rocks are volcanic silica glass.  Ancient people used obsidian rocks for weapons and cutting tools.  Very often the design in the rock is very attractive.

So, with these concepts in mind, it’s no wonder that Saitek came up with OBSIDIAN as the name for this new mouse.  It’s quite attractive and very sharp looking.  But, does it hide any terror or torture?  We’ll soon find out!

A Look At The Packaging
Let’s take a look now at the packaging:

The display box has a cover flap and, upon lifting that flap, we can see the included storage cradle and the additional rechargeable battery.

As I opened the box, I found that getting to the mouse and cradle was very easy.  There is no need to use any scissors or other cutting device as the two plastic pieces simply come apart.

What's Included
Within the box, in addition to the mouse, cradle and extra batter, are included a User Manual (printed in several languages), a two-sided demo sheet for the touch sensitive scrolling, and a printed list of the many Worldwide Technical Support Centers for Saitek.  The list is quite extensive.  As I haven’t had need to seek support, I can’t readily give any assessment as to how well the support centers function.

One thing that puzzled me at first was the absence of a Drivers Installation CD.  I’ve found that many of even the least expensive devices come with an Installation CD.  So, with the OBSIDIAN not having one, I was a bit surprised.  In fact, there really aren’t even any instructions on installing the OBSIDIAN. Instead, installing the OBSIDIAN was a simple task of shutting down the PC, inserting the USB plug, starting up the PC and letting Windows detect the new hardware.

Features & Specification
Let’s look at the Features and Specifications of the OBSIDIAN:

Wireless Range
Up to 10m
Wireless Technology
Battery Life Per Pack
10 Hours
Charge Time Per Pack
2 Hours
Li-ion Battery Packs
Works with Mac
Works with Windows
2000,XP, XP64

Once installed and functioning, the OBSIDIAN is very comfortable to work with.  It’s larger than any previous mouse I’ve used, but doesn’t feel too large.

In the above photo you can see the OBSIDIAN mouse, its cradle and the extra battery.  The glowing green light beneath the silver battery indicates that it’s fully charged and ready for use.

In the following photo we can see the red light indication showing that the battery is being charged:

Notice also the yellow glowing light around the touch sensitive scrolling area.  We’ll mention this again shortly. 

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