Vantec Thermal Technologies has been in business since 1994.  Since that time, the company has expanded beyond just the initial thermal solutions and now provides a wide variety of components and devices for the PC enthusiast. Among the many products manufactured and distributed by Vantec are Storage Devices, Cooling Solutions for CPUs, Case, Memory, HDD and others; various Peripheral components; Cables of various kinds; Power Supply Units; PC Mod Kits; and Notebook Accessories and Supplies. A quick look at the distribution of Vantec products shows that the company’s reach is truly worldwide.

Vantec products can usually be found in almost any popular Computer Supply store e.g. Fry’s Electronics and Micro Center, for example.  Nearly all online retailers provide products by Vantec as well. They strive to provide quality components to make the computer experience more rewarding. So, with a very highly recognized name in the industry, and with a dedication to quality, we were quite pleased to receive from Vantec the product on review today:


The shipping package was very well prepared with adequate tape and protected labeling:

The company LOGO displays nicely and makes the package easily identifiable.Once the tape was cut, I was able to pull out the distinctive shelf box, as you would see it on retail shelves:

A view of the front:

The bottom/back:A plain white box slides out of the attractive shelf box and we can then begin checking out the materials provided.  The first thing to greet us is the User’s Manual.  It’s a small manual with some very tiny print.  I have to wonder whether the designers of these manuals actually anticipate that the purchaser/user will actually resort to reading them.  It seems to be a trend that companies are making the manual almost an afterthought these days.  To give an idea of just how small and difficult it is to read the manual, here’s a scanned sample of the first two pages:

If you want to see the actual size, just print out the above image and use 5-1/4 inch x 7-3/8 inch for the total overall size.  I believe the font needs to be at least twice the selected size in order to be acceptable for general use. On the plus side, the illustrations are clear enough to be able to follow them without much trouble. Getting past the manual I found that everything was well protected and easily removed from the box.

The 5-1/4 inch bracket is placed on the plain white box. Below it you can see the manual, a power cord adapter, some screws, the SATA cable, a USB Power Cord, the USB cable for access to the HDD, a pouch for transporting the Enclosure unit, the Insertion Rack and, finally, the HDD Enclosure itself.

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