With new cards coming out every few months it is easy to forget that not all of us tend to stay up to date on which card is the fastest or which one delivers the best image quality. The irony is that quite often people who know the most about the graphics cards they use are also the people who spend more time running tech demos than actually playing games.

What about gamers that aren’t interested in when nVidia will release the next series and don’t care who is winning the graphics card war? As far as they are concerned higher shader clocks mean nothing and their graphics card is perfect for them for as long as they can enjoy their games at reasonable resolutions.

This is where Fatal1ty steps in, with his series of products aimed at gamers. They usually aren’t the fastest or most feature packed items on the market, but they still stick out because of their exceptional quality and eye-catching design. The fact that the most famous professional gamer stands behind them doesn’t hurt either. Couple that with XFX, one of the best graphics cards manufacturers out there and you have (in theory) a very capable partnership.



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